Magic Lantern film club
The big idea:
you enjoy a magical evening of film, friends and wonder.
Supporting Awamu charity, working with vulnerable kids in the slums of Kampala who dare to dream big.

Queen of Katwe – WE LOVE YOU!

25.2.17 Outspan School, Bwaise. 200+ attendees. 200+ smiles raised

180+ kids 40+ adults 2 billion smiles. Pingu, biscuits, film, popcorn, actress star all in the name of FUN. Have you seen Queen of Katwe Film? – its fab – story of a young girl (Phiona) from Katwe slum area – just like the one where our Awamu kids live. Phiona starts going to a free community chess club run by local encouraging coach, she gets seriously good – beats the boys and kids from the posh international school (the kids went mental when this happened. YEAH!!) goes on an aeroplane and does amazing things from humble beginnings. It also showed the Kampala I know – a city filled with people who dare to dream big, who give selflessly to others when they have so little and have a phenomenal sense of community. The evening erupted when the actress from the actual film heard about our screening and said she’d love to come! She gave an inspirational speech to the kids who were spell bound AND Northamptonshire School Chess association heard about the night and sent over a box of chess boards and the school has set up its own club. YES Queen of Katwe film showing Kampala and its ace inhabitants on the big screen, YES Medina (the actresses real name) for coming and talking to the kids, YES for inspiring chess coaches giving their time for free, YES George for tech set up and encouragement and Lou Taylor for these photos!, YES teacher Janice Ann Perez for 3 hours of pre film entertainment, YES Outspan School for letting us show it in the school, YES vulnerable kids who believe they can do anything other kids can. BOOM. Mic Drop.

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