Magic Lantern film club
The big idea:
you enjoy a magical evening of film, friends and wonder.
Supporting Awamu charity, working with vulnerable kids in the slums of Kampala who dare to dream big.

The Station Agent – The Engine Shed, Bristol Temple Meads 10/6/15

10.6.15 The Engine Shed. 65 attendees. £597.27 raised

All aboard!

The Magic Ticket Machine shuffled into location at Bristol Temple meads concourse, ready for the 19:00 departure.  Ticket Master Keeling and Bradshaw internally manned the state of the art machine.  Regular  commuters pondered their new ticket machine option but were hastily turned away by the machine which rejected non-magic seekers.   A valid boarding code and most importantly hand made railcards were requested by the Machine.  High levels of creativity and engagement in fun were expressed which was duly noted by the machine.

Once all tickets were issued and railcards scanned magic commuters were guided to the screening carriage in the Engine Shed.  First opened in 1841 Brunel’s Engine Shed was a fitting location for tonight’s rail themed screening.  65 commuters filed through the food carriage picking up super-saver ginger snaps and Rhiannon Buck’s 5 carriage vegan chocolate cake! Once seated on the platform steps and with tea in hand agent Bradshaw introduced the film – The Station Agent.

leaves_stationWhen his only friend and co-worker dies, a young man born with dwarfism moves to an abandoned train depot in rural New Jersey. Its only flipping Tyrion Lannister from Games of Thrones!  The Station Agent is a sublime feel-good film (with less boobs and dragons then G.O.T) about friendship between Peter Dinklers character who is trying to maintain a life of solitude whilst being pursued by amongst others an overly friendly Cuban hot-dog vendor.


Ticket master Bradshaw compounded the warm fuzzy feeling people had inside with the knowledge that this event raised 700 quid for HIV+ children in Uganda.  She then shared a 2min film of Fatuma in Kampala getting a surprise she never expected…

The evening was brought to a close with Jon sharing news of his upcoming mega walk of 216km for Awamu!  and the launch of his fundraising – he’s hoping to raise 1000 squids – PLEASE HELP HIM OUT WITH A FIVER HERE

Thank You, Team Magic Lantern

 p.s. an extra special thank you from Kerry who was overwhelmed by the attendance and love from old friends and new!

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