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Breakin’ the Law! Tuesday 21st June 2011

21.6.11 The vaults of the old Bank of England building, Wine Street (In the vaults)

On Black Tuesday the 21st of June attendess were invited to the most ambitious Magic Lantern event to date.

Attendees were met at Lloyds bank on Corn street where they were asked to contemplate their investments with The Bank of Magic Lantern.  The Magic Lantern Bank manager suggested hedge funds, ISA’s or long term investements to attendees.

The highly attentive bank manager guided the investors to the newly opened Bank of Magic Lantern, located at the old Bank of England Building on Wine Street. A grumpy security guard was maintaining the main doors.  Inside three recently qualified teller staff were waiting behind the counter of the Banks foyer to receive their investments.  Attendees queued to invest, received magic lantern pounds in return then mulled around the foyer until all had been processed. BANG! BANG BANG! THIS IS A ROBBERY GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR!!!…    Those poor people were never seen again, but they did have a bloody good night including a fab film (Inside Man), never ending tea and new found friends….


A cop has to talk down a bank robber after the criminal’s perfect heist spirals into a hostage situation.

My Name is Dalton Russell.  Pay strict attention to what I am about to say…  Watch the trailer here



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