Magic Lantern film club
The big idea:
you enjoy a magical evening of film, friends and wonder.
Supporting Awamu charity, working with vulnerable kids in the slums of Kampala who dare to dream big.

Tres Bien! A Bande Apart

11.04.11 disused shop bottom of Park Street.

A band apart “A triangle: Franz, Arthur, and Odile. Franz, a young man with Alain Delon good looks, has met Odile in an English class. She lives in Joinville with wealthy benefactors and has mentioned to Franz that Mr. Stolz keeps a pile of 10,000 franc notes unlocked in his room. Franz tells his friend Arthur, a swarthy guy whose shady uncle is pressing him for money. Arthur and Franz, who mimic American movie tough guys, case Odile’s house, pressure her to assist them with a burglary, and make passes at her as well. She’s alternately compliant and distressed. Will they pull off the heist?”Nine minutes

Madamoiselle Bradshaw met magic lanterner’s at the entrance of Bristol Cathederal avec beret and brilliant french accent. We had about 30 people come to this special screening in a very public disused shop at the bottom of Park Street. This French classic is apparently one of Tarantino’s favourite movies and the inspiration for the dance scene from Pulp Fiction.  This film made me want to get a new wardrobe with Anna Karina’s timeless style, the fringe and pigtails wouldn’t be out of place on Park Street today.  £55 was raised for our charity special thanks to those who helped us pack up at the end.

Watch The Dance Scene!!

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