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Supporting Awamu charity, working with vulnerable kids in the slums of Kampala who dare to dream big.

girl walk // all day Friday 20th Jan 2012

20.1.12  Tower House, Bristol. 73 attendees. £403 raised!!   73 SMILES

Write up by Adam Barkhuizen

There are various things wrong with my life. My job sucks. I don’t earn enough. I keep losing staring contests with animals. You know how it is.

Well apparently my list of problems just got one entry longer, because by not living in Bristol it means that I won’t get to regularly go to the events organised by the wonderful Magic Lantern Film Club. Last Friday while I happened to be in town, I was invited as part of a birthday celebratory weekend to go along to one of ML’s screenings. We met up at a pre-arranged location and it was pretty much fun-times-are-go from the off, as the event organisers Kerry and Joey were already in full swing – handing out headbands to all attendees and dancing to the beats of an old-skool stereo decrepit enough to have actually been hand built by Thomas Edison himself. Before long we were being led through the backstreets of Bristol, buzzing with anticipation about what we could be watching (Dirty Dancing? Flashdance? Breakin’ 2: Electric Bugaloo?), and arrived at our destination – an office building, in which we were ushered up to a completely disused floor where the screening would take place.

After a brief introduction by the hosts, in which we were told not only about the film, but got the warm-and-fuzzies from knowing our entry fees were entirely being donated to the Awamu charity for the poor of Uganda, we settled in – and WOW. The film, Girl Walk // All Day was wonderful (you can read my full review of it here:, and by the end of the evening everyone in the room was completely, ecstatically buzzing. Unable to sit still. And really, genuinely feeling like part of something special.

It was a superb night, and my friends and I spent the entire rest of the weekend talking amongst ourselves – and to others – about the experience. It was truly brilliant, and I was truly illuminated; and, to that extent, I can’t think of a more fitting name for this event than Magic Lantern.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a staring contest to try and win.


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  1. 1 Emma said at 9:14 pm on January 25th, 2012:

    Amazing work all. Was sad to miss out but watching this film made me smile.

    Brilliant stuff!

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