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you enjoy a magical evening of film, friends and wonder.
Supporting Awamu charity, working with vulnerable kids in the slums of Kampala who dare to dream big.

Police Beat – Hi-Vis Magic 1/11/13

1.11.13 Roll For The Soul Cafe, Bristol. 42 attendees. £254.12 raised

Blinded by the hi-vis magic lantern guide, speeding bikes and surrounding Friday night rush hour traffic 40 adventure seekers met their guides at the cenotaph in Bristol city centre.

With Spokey Dokey bike gifts for all (generously provided by Matt Jennings) the highly visible gang set of to the secret location.


With three zebra crossing manoeuvred with limited casualties we arrived at the bike and smile filled destination for tonights extravaganza, Roll for the Soul cafe.  The non-profit cafe is run by bike enthusiasts, has an amazing vegetarian menu, a workshop, gallery and was the perfect setting for our bike themed evening!


With home made cakes, tea and alcoholic beverages in hand we headed upstairs for the magic screening.

awamu_productsJoey was back! rousing up the crowd and introduced Emma Scullion who had come all the way from London to show of some of the new Awamu products and bring a personal thanks from the children in Kampala, Uganda where all Magic Lantern profits go to.

Just before the film started we introduced Jethro who had already started on our Awamu logo bike tattoo! He put the logo on both sides of Kerry’s bike with enamel paint.   See him in action in the photos below!  (also note the brilliant use of Kerry’s bike basket as a magic beer bottle carrier.)  I hope no-one was riding home drunk!bike_tattoo

So what flippin’ film would be fitting of a magic bike related screening?!  Police Beat of course!  The lovely people at Simple Machine recommended the film to us and with the main character being a bike riding police man in Seattle from Senegal how could we refuse!  The police man rides around investigating what turns out to be actual recorded crimes and daydreams ALOT about his girlfriends possible unfaithfulness.  police_beatIt’s beautifully shot, we felt like we were on the bike with him riding through the green sunlit parks and grimier bits of the city.  The film is in English but interestingly his thoughts are in his native Wolof, the language of Senegal and these bits are subtitled.  (It’s not so far from l’ugandan the native language of Uganda and reminded us of our friends at Awamu).  It was great to see a film with an immigrant new to America that didn’t focus on his monetary status or possible social issues that might face a foreigner.  A few Magic Lanteners’ said they wanted to watch it again as they felt like they probably missed a lot and even though the pace was reasonably slow there was so much to take in.  It was noted by our beady/sarcastic audience that ‘Z’, the main character did not adhere to the highway code and often rode without Hi-Vis or lights on at night. The film got a laugh every time ‘Z’, inputted a crime report on the computer and seemed to randomly choose from a sort of periodic table of possible crimes what he had investigated.

Check out the trailer below!

100% of the amazing £254.12 raised from this Magic Lantern will go to the inspirational woman and children from AWAMU working in Kampala, Uganda.

see you next time x

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