Magic Lantern film club
The big idea:
you enjoy a magical evening of film, friends and wonder.
Supporting Awamu charity, working with vulnerable kids in the slums of Kampala who dare to dream big.

2.5° West 32.5° East – Kampala and Bristol simultaneous screening!

26.9.16 Kikoni, Makerere. 200+ attendees. 200+ smiles raised


YEAY!  It’s been on Magic Lantern’s wish list for EVER to do a film night just for children in the slums of Kampala where the children we support live.  On the 26th of September 2015  Magic Lantern organised a screening not only in Kampala but also in Bristol at the same time as part of the wonderful Scalarama film festival.

aOur first Kampala event and the excited anticipation was palpable when 4 hours before the screening we found 40 kids already in situ waiting for the films to start! Most of the children who attended do not have electricity (only 19% of the population do) let alone a tv or have visited the cinema. It was all pretty exciting!  23 of the children AWAMU supports go to West Valley School and the deputy head, Ssempala kindly let us the school for free for the event. Our initial estimate of 30-60 attendees was way off and as the numbers increased we removed yet another partition wall – the room used was 3 classrooms split by plywood walls.  We think 180 children managed to fit inside, sat on desks at the back on on cardboard at the front.   Kerry introduced the night and Peter translated into Luganda. Are you ready to watch some films?!! YEAHHHHHH!!   The night started with some of the children watching on the big screen in our latest mini video announcing the 2015 winners of the sunflower competition.

miceand kototoWe then showed a mixture of international children’s classics including Bert and Ernie, Sean the Sheep, Der Maulwurf, Pingu, Elephant and Mouse, Minions, Mr Bean and some Uganda local gems like Katoto.  The most laughs came at the first farting scene in Elephant and mouse. LOLZ!

At 8pm we skyped the Bristol Magic Crew who were also having a special screening in the prison cells of the old police station Bristol.  After all contraband was removed an eclectic mix of shorts chosen were by the attendees – yes! you voted on which film was screened next! Thank you to Xave and Jon for making this happen and enabling us to skype as well as raising some sweet money to help get more children in school!! Check out the video below of the skyping and screaming!

A Kampala magic popcorn machine distributed fresh popcorn for all the kids to take home and apparently the film night is still the talk of the town. YAY FUN.

Here’s to more international magic shenanigans in the future!

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