Magic Lantern film club
The big idea:
you enjoy a magical evening of film, friends and wonder.
Supporting Awamu charity, working with vulnerable kids in the slums of Kampala who dare to dream big.

Play it again Sam! Casablanca

2.11.10 Martini Joey’s Pad

In World War II Casablanca, Rick Blaine, exiled American and former freedom fighter, runs the most popular nightspot in town. The cynical lone wolf Blaine comes into the possession of two valuable letters of transit. When Nazi Major Strasser arrives in Casablanca, the police Captain Renault detains Czech underground leader Victor Laszlo. Much to Rick’s surprise, Lazslo arrives with Ilsa, Rick’s one time love. Rick is very bitter towards Ilsa, who ran out on him in Paris, but when he learns she had good reason to, they plan to run off together again using the letters of transit. Well, that was their original plan….
Written by Gary Jackson

Meeting in Freemantle square Magic Lanterner’s were guided to the cosy surrounding of Joey’s living room/ Sam’s Bar.  23 people watched, cried, sighed and sung with Ingrid and Humphrey.  The Popcorn machine and special treats from cousin Kate featured heavily at this event.

you must remember this…
Watch the clip of Sam playing llsa’s favourite song

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